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At its heart, Tulle has always aimed to design vintage inspired clothing. The word itself – tulle – conjures up classic notions of femininity and creativity. Tulle fabric has been a basic building block of gowns, veils and, of course, ballet tutus – all beautifully simple silhouettes that are simultaneously designed with great attention to detail. We strive to capture he essence of “tulle”and reflect it in all that we create.

With a desire to start a young contemporary collection Tulle was launched in 1999. We began with a small collection that focused on outerwear and sweaters. Since then, we have grown and now Tulle offers a full sportswear collection of tops, skirts and dresses. Our formula is simple: we soak up our love of vintage fashion, mix it up with retro and modern silhouettes, and have fun playing with classic and contemporary prints to create a distinctive brand that is both feminine and sweet. Perfect for a day out on the town that can easily be carried into the evening.

Tulle has become an editorial favorite of magazines such as Lucky, In Style, Marie Claire, Real Simple, Glamour and People Style Watch. Aside from being featured in popular magazines, Tulle is also a favorite of many celebrities. To find out more checkout our store at Tulle4us.com.


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